About Us

Presso isn’t just any brand of cold pressed oil. Its a brand for women empowerment. Presso’s family constitutes a large number of women who dream from themselves, their families, and our country. Every bottle you buy from Presso encourages our wonder women, who have chosen freedom over confinement to make a positive impact on the society.

PRESSO is basically a Cold Pressed oil which was started with a mission to create a healthiest life style to consumers. Presso was born for the women of this world who Care, whether it is their health or their families.

Since PRESSO originates from the village where we could hand pick the best nuts and seeds from local farms and they are naturally sun dried and crushed in less heat mechanism to retain the natural flavour and aroma of the oil.


Our Vision

The vision of Presso is to reach out 30% of the world population with the best quality of cold press Oil, which is highly nutritious, awesome in taste and make the world much healthier and happier place.


Our Mission

The mission of our company is to create 1 lakh micro entrepreneur, and impact 10 lakh families to lead a healthier and happier family.

Values of Presso

For being in the Agri Industry for last 20 years with all your support and affection, For every drop we supply, We are committed to the women of this country who has a dream for herself, her family, and her country.






Environment friendly


Socially Aware




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