Yes, PRESSO is a FSSAI certified company.

Our motive is to impact 1 lakh micro entrepreneurs in India. We aim to help 10 lakh mothers so that those mothers can help raise healthier and happier family.

We employ 90% of women team members in our company, Hence our brand is known as Socially conscious Brand.

You Can buy from this website.

You can fill your information in Business Partner Page

Our oils are cold pressed having smoking point (fire point) ranges between 160-180°C. Without any doubt You can use any of our oil for deep frying.

Cold pressed oil is more healthier option . So it is not necessary.

Yes, it is Fresh , Unrefined , Natural . We are Manufacturing purest form of oil.

We use premium raw material after it is been graded few times . It gives less oil from the seed . No chemical used . This is pure oil , no mixing of oil . Hence it is fairly priced.

It is manufactured using Chekku Machine.

Yes , It solidifies . It can be liquefied by keeping the bottle it in the hot water.

Yes , we can use it as it has anti fungal properties.

The collected oil from the extraction process is filtered using cotton cloth.

Cold pressed Groundnut oil contains essential fatty acids and is completely free of cholesterol.

It is fresh oil , Unrefined and Natural oil Gives good taste and Aroma.

Cold pressed Groundnut oil has deep golden yellow colour.

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